I missed the Peter Morrison Report in my inbox Friday.That’s OK though, it’s not too late, because there are still some excellent points Peter asks us to remember as we go to the polls tomorrow. You are going to vote tomorrow, aren’t you?

In case you’re not acquainted with Mr. Morrison, he writes a newsletter concerning National,  Texas State and southeast Texas issues from a conservative / libertarian perspective. If you haven’t signed up for his newsletter, I highly recommend it.

Here is The Peter Morrison Report:

Will 2010 Elections Be a Repeat of 1994?‏

Election Day is fast approaching, and if the long lines for early
voting here in my hometown of Lumberton are any indication, big
changes are coming. It appears that the Republican party is almost
certainly going to win back control of the US House of
Representatives. There is even a slight possibility that they will
also win control of the Senate (although that is less likely). You
don’t have to be a prophet to see that this election is going to be
a major setback for Barack Obama and the Democrats. All the polls
point to major gains for the GOP. Republicans need to take at
least 39 seats currently held by Democrats to become the House
majority party. Five Thirty Eight, the website which was amazingly
accurate in its predictions for the 2008 elections, is currently
projecting that the GOP will pick up 61 seats.

Some pollsters are projecting lower numbers, but still enough to
control the House, while others are saying that the GOP could even
pick up 70 seats. Peter Hart, a well known Democratic pollster,
stated bluntly: “It’s hard to say that the Democrats are facing
anything less that a Category 4 hurricane.”

Of course, anything can happen between now and November 2nd, but
barring some sort of shocking development, it seems pretty clear
that the anger and energy we’ve seen expressed over the past couple
of years at town hall meetings and Tea Party rallies is still going
strong, and Democrats are going to be held accountable at the
ballot box for signing on to Obama’s radical leftist agenda. This
is certainly good news, and it shows what conservatives can
accomplish when we work hard and refuse to give up the fight.

However, if we’re not careful, a massive GOP victory could actually
be a setback in the long run. Many conservatives will be lulled
into a false sense of complacency if the GOP takes control of one
or both houses of Congress. Far too many people are locked into a
“Democrats bad, Republicans good” worldview; they assume that with
Republicans in place to oppose Obama, there’s nothing to worry
about. This attitude is widespread, and it has been one of the
main reasons conservatives have seen our agenda remain unfulfilled.

In 1994 a very similar realignment occurred. Voter anger at Bill
and Hillary’s left wing activism–NAFTA, ordering the military to
stop discharging homosexuals, and attempting to socialize health
care (not to mention the Waco massacre)–led to the so called
Republican Revolution, when the GOP took control of the House and
Senate for the first time in 40 years. For all the talk of
revolution, very little came of it. Which should have been no
surprise as the first thing the GOP majorities did was elect Newt
Gingrich Speaker of the House, and Bob Dole Senate Majority Leader.
Gingrich, for all his conservative bluster, has always been most
interested in advancing his own career, not pursuing an authentic
conservative agenda. Bob Dole was a McCain style Republican, a
“moderate” who prided himself on being able to compromise with the

Both Gingrich and Dole (and most other Congressional Republicans)
had helped Bill Clinton pass the disastrous NAFTA “free trade”
agreement prior to the 1994 election. After the “revolution”, they
then helped Clinton secure Congress’s approval of GATT/WTO.
Together these trade treaties have nearly wiped out America’s
manufacturing base, and led to increasing economic dependency on
Communist China. In spite of all these betrayals (and many more),
conservatives became complacent after the 1994 election, simply
because they assumed that with Republicans in charge, everything
would be fine.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and by now it should be
crystal clear that the words “Republican” and “conservative” don’t
have the same meanings, and that the problem isn’t just limited to
Gingrich and Dole. Look at how George Bush treated us. He teamed
up with Ted Kennedy to give us No Child Left Behind, the expensive
folly that won’t do a thing to close the achievement gap, but will
fill decent public schools with bad students after their own
schools have been shut down by NCLB. He pushed banks to lower
lending standards for minorities, leading directly to the mortgage
crisis. He bailed out Wall Street to the tune of 700 billion
dollars. In 2004 he mobilized Christians and conservatives to
rally to the polls to re-elect him by talking tough on gay
marriage, but after he won re-election he never mentioned the
subject again. He and the GOP Congress gave us the prescription
drug bill, which is projected to cost America trillions in the
future. They also did nothing as millions of illegal aliens poured
into America under Bush’s watch.

In spite of all this, many conservatives love to sport buttons and
bumper stickers that say “Miss me yet?” with a picture of George
Bush, as if he had been a perfect president. That attitude has
rendered conservatism almost completely impotent, and we simply
have to stop falling for this old, worn out “Dems bad/GOP good”
deception, starting right now. The real battle will begin after
the election. We can’t sit back and relax; we’ll have to be just
as energetic and diligent in holding Republicans accountable as we
have been the past couple years with Obama and the Democrats.

We’ll need to start right here in Texas. We can no longer allow
Rick Perry to be soft on illegal immigration. He has betrayed us
repeatedly on this issue. Perry has denounced Arizona’s SB 170 as
a bad law, and bragged about signing a law allowing illegal aliens
to attend college at Texas citizen rates. We can’t let him get
away with this any longer. We also must do everything in our power
to force the Republican members of the Texas House to ditch the
disastrous Joe Straus as Speaker and replace him with a true

It won’t be easy to keep up the pressure of the last couple of
years. It will take hard work, determination, and a never say quit
attitude. Make no mistake, though; we have no choice. The GOP
establishment is already talking about looking forward to “working
with Obama” on even more anti-American “free trade” legislation,
which basically means letting unelected bureaucrats from groups
like the UN and WTO dictate our trade policy. The AP recently
reported on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s eagerness to
ram through even more trade treaties: “McConnell also suggested
that the two sides could write into law trade agreements with South
Korea, Colombia and Panama in an effort to create jobs.” (NAFTA and
GATT/WTO were supposed to “create jobs”, too, and we see how well
that worked out. As Ron Paul has pointed out, neither resulted in
true free trade, but rather placed globalists in a position to gut
America’s manufacturing base).

So on November 2nd, vote for the GOP, unless your candidate has
already proven to be a sellout; it’s fine to leave the form blank
in that case. Just realize that if the Republican party wins big,
it doesn’t mean the battle is over. On the contrary, the battle is
just starting, and we can’t let up now. We have to make sure this
isn’t another phony “Republican Revolution” like 1994, but the
genuine Conservative Revolution of 2010. If the Republicans we
elect this year won’t work for genuine conservative goals, then
we’ll vote to replace them in the 2012 primaries. When that
message finally sinks in with the GOP politicians, and they realize
they can no longer take us for granted, many of them will start
voting the way we want them to. So let’s make sure that we never
let them forget it, starting on November 3rd.

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