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Ten Buck Friday was a success in seeing a majority of Republicans elected to the Senate and Harry Reid being relegated back to the Recycling Bin of History.

But there is one Senate race still undecided in Louisiana and that’s our man Bill Cassidy against Mary “I live in Washington, D.C. but I list my residence as my parents’ basement in LA so I can vote here” Landrieu.

A runoff means more campaigning, more advertising and more expenses. While it is true that the DSCC has officially withdrawn their ad buys for their dubious candidate, I’m sure there will be a host of surrogates trying to raise money for poor Mary, so she doesn’t have to go out and get a real job. (And maybe really move in with her parents this time!)

So, I’m sure there will be tons of breathless fundraising emails about how Republicans eat babies and that’s why the want to ban all forms of birth control, and, BTW, did you know they want to replace the national anthem with Tony Orlando’s “Knock Three Times”? Crazy!

All of the sudden, after sitting on her hands for six years, Mary Landfill is a crusader for the Keystone XL pipeline. Not for getting it passed necessarily, but for bring it to a vote that she hopes will not sustain her president’s veto.

Let me congratulate all of you for kicking Harry Reid’s keister to the curb. Well done! And, unlike most politicians, I hate to keep coming back to you for money, so I promise, this is the last time!

Think of the nice warm schadenfreude feeling you got when Harry Reid was demoted. Now think of how warm and fuzzy you’ll feel going into the holidays, if we give Mary Landrieu her just desserts as well?

Let’s go the the well one last time before the holidays start taking up our time and energy, before the December runoff, and give an early present to Bill Cassidy (and yourself) of a larger majority in the US Senate.

Think how much happier Barack Obama will be at the prospect of governing in a bi-partisan manner. Actually, think of how much damage from the last six years needs to be undone over Barack Obama’s vetoes and objections.

Just ten more bucks. It’s what we honorary Koch brothers do.

You can contribute to Bill here.

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We asked you to give of your time, your talent and your treasure to kick Harry Reid’s keister to the curb with eight different Senatorial candidates. Let’s see how well we’ve done as of this AM:

It looks like the GOP will take control of the US Senate in 2015. I fully expect them to pass a budget next year, as required by law, and ignored by Harry Reid and his Merry Band of Pranksters since 2009.

In New Hampshire, in a heart breaker, Scott Brown apparently lost by 1-2%. So close!
[Update: Final closer to 4%. Still close!]

In Colorado, Cory Gardner beat Mark Uterus Udall handily.

In North Carolina, Thom Tillis  has been declared the winner.

In Arkansas, Tom Cotton won by a substantial margin.

Joni Ernst castrated one more hog in Iowa, becoming the 6th and controlling majority vote in the Senate. (margins may increase between now and January. It was +7 when I packed it in last night.)

David Perdue took more than 50% of the vote in Georgia, avoiding a runoff. 57% last time I looked.

In Alaska, the polls didn’t close until 1 AM Eastern. I will update this in the AM, or at first opportunity.
[Update: Our man Sullivan up by 4% – still too close to call.]

We fully expected there to be a run off in Louisiana that might not be decided until December. We were right.  Bill Cassidy was leading Mary Landfill by 2%
[Update: Mary Landrieu is up by 1, but it’s a whole new race now.]

Congratulations! Ten Buck Fridayians, give yourself a hand! Every one of you who contributed to one or all of these candidates, is hereby awarded the honor of being an honorary Koch brother! Whenever the Left, like the deranged Harry Reid, babbles about how money from the Koch brothers influences elections, I want you to agree with them and introduce yourself, so they can meet the real Koch brothers!

Display the following badge (or the above banner) with pride!


[Update: In addition to the +7 pickup in the Senate, Alaska and Virginia are still too close to call, plus Cassidy looks good for the runoff in LA. As of this AM, a possibility of +10 for the Republicans. Ten Buck Friday contributed to seven of those.]

Note: This post shamelessly ripped from Proof. Thanks Proof!

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