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Matt, the proprietor of the blog Conservative Hideout has shown himself to be a great friend to this lowly robot over the last few months through his helpful re-tweeting and constant linkage. Plus he’s just an all around nice guy with a great passion for our country and the cause of conservatism. So this week Matt, or as he is known on Twitter, “MrEvilMatt” and his blog are hereby awarded the dubious honor of Featured Blog of the Week. Please be sure to click the mini banner at the top right often. You will be rewarded with a pot of gold and a leprechaun.

Thanks also to all of you who clicked through to last weeks featured blog, “Caught Him With A Corndog.” I hope you played nicely over in Red’s neck of the woods.

Happy Sunday patriots! The latest poll is up and running on the sidebar.

Another outstanding list of nominees for this weeks TBF poll. I’ve nominated John Faulk from Texas’ 18th District, who is running against the disgrace that is Congresswomaaaaan Sheila Jackson Lee.

If you reside in Texas I would urge you to at least consider placing your vote for John Faulk. I normally don’t press readers to vote one way or another in these polls, but in my opinionated opinion the Congresswomaaaaan needs to go and Mr. Faulk will be an excellent choice. I will say that no matter who wins the poll this week, along with my TBF donation, I’ll personally be making an extra donation to Mr. Faulk’s campaign.

Mr. Faulk’s YouTube page here.

John Faulk on the issues here.

As is normally the case, Right Klik has the complete roundup of information on all of the very worthy nominees.

He also adds some reminders:

Contribute to last week’s winner, Chip Cravaack.
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