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I’ve been meaning to add Paco Enterprises to the blogroll for some time and always seem to get in the middle of a rant or some gear needs greasing or a transistor is screaming for replacement, thus distracting me from my mission. *sigh*

So, it is with pleasure that I announce that I have finally corrected that omission with thanks to Mr. Bob Belvedere, who reminded me of Paco’s site through his Spot-on Quote of the Day, today. Just now. Well, a few moments ago. You get the idea.

Here’s a piece of Bob’s mind (sorry about that visual):

The radical Left believes that their time has come, that this is the best opportunity they’ve ever had in The United States to implement their ideas*.  Up until now, the Progressives have had to operate in the shadows, satisfying themselves with painfully slow progress, but, since 20 January 2009, they have felt it was okay for them to operate fairly out in the open [they continue to hide their exact intentions in order to buy more time].  Though they and their ideas are ultimately the delusions of mutated minds, the Left does retain enough sense, little though it may be, to know that their time is short and they must, therefore, act quickly.

You’ll have to read Bob’s whole post for the rest, along with his pick for the quote. It wouldn’t be ethical for me to steal that golden nugget, now would it?

Outstanding work gentlemen.

The new TBF poll is up on the sidebar. As usual, RightKlik has done some of our work for us in assembling the list of candidates and their respective websites. The list of blogs participating in TBF continues to expand and reader participation is on the grow as well.

Everyone should read up on these candidates and their campaign issues. I’ve seen some great platform stances and new and old ideas alike being thrown out there for the public’s scrutiny and edification.

Read all you can and bear in mind that the most deserving candidate should be the one who has the least financial backing, depending on their circumstance.

Talk it out in the comments. Bring out the most important issues for each of the potentials. I know I’ve never heard of most of the prospects this week, so I’ve got some reading to do myself before I cast a TBF vote.

I’m off to study.

Roger wilco. Over and out.

Ten Buck Fridays was originally conceived by Conscientiously Conservative.

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