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Reaganite Republican is following the story here, here and here.

UPDATE: Link fixed.

I like this song from Toby Keith. It fits the day.

I’m swiping another quote from Bride of Rove. (BTW Thanks for the blogroll add BoR. You are too kind.)

“It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”
– General George S. Patton, Jr

Can’t argue with Patton.

Have a safe Memorial Day.

About this brouhaha over the President’s decision to forgo the Arlington Cemetery appearance to spend Memorial Day in Chicago. I was trying to get upset about it. I really was. Then it hit me, who cares? If he were an ordinary citizen, he probably wouldn’t attend any services at all. Judging from his actions so far, I conclude this man hates America and everything the founders intended when the country was established. So, who cares if Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t show at Arlington? No-one should. Not me. Not the soldiers serving overseas. Not the fallen soldiers we are honoring on the occasion.

What will be missed, unfortunately, is a President of the United States of America. One who understands that the office of President is not about one man, not an apologist-in-chief or a narcissist who takes the “all about me” approach to life. What will be missed is a solemn appreciation as to why that precious blood was spilled in the first place. That liberty, freedom, and our rights as people are not granted by the government, but by God and that any President swears an oath to protect those rights as enumerated in the Constitution.

No, this President doesn’t understand what his role should be, if his does, he’s sure doing the absolute opposite. Almost every action he has taken has served to divide, not unify, as he promised. All of his dealings thus far have been obscure and opaque, not transparent. All of his speeches have been misdirection and double-talk, deflection and projection, never taking blame when due and taking credit where none is deserved.

So, I’m not going to lose any sleep over his decision to attend the ceremony and speak at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery instead of Arlington. But I am watching and listening with eyes and ears wide open. Memorial Day did, after all, begin as Decoration Day after the Civil War and if he is true to form, he will use his remarks to pour more salt into the wound of America’s original sin of slavery. Never mind the fact that America is the only country in the world to ever abolish it. He could do a world of good by attending at the Lincoln cemetery, if he uses his remarks to help heal the wounds that slavery caused, but he won’t.

I predict he will do as he has done in the past, to see the world, our country and our sovereign rights as Americans as one more piece of clay in need of molding into his twisted socialist/communist ideal, not protecting the Constitution and the rights therein like the fragile piece of glass this country and those freedoms truly are. We shall see.

So, on this day, forget we have a President who hates his country, for even though  he hates it, we love it all the more in spite of him. We must voice our opposition to his agenda louder than ever before to honor those we remember this weekend. Hoist our flag and fly it proudly. Pray for the lost, pray for and say thank you to our veterans, and most importantly, pray for our troops in harms way. That is the true purpose of Memorial Day.

God bless America and the soldiers who protect her.

Red poppy flower, side view

Image by Martin LaBar via Flickr

We cherish too, the Poppy red

That grows on fields where valor led,

It seems to signal to the skies

That blood of heroes never dies.

~Moina Michael

UPDATE: Linked at The Daley Gator. Thanks Doug!

Goes to Bride of Rove, who sliced right through to the bone with this gem:

Carol isn’t buying the Sestack lies and neither am I. *shrug* We are full on into lawlessness now. This is what it looks like. They lie right to your face and no one will investigate. The press are in on it. This is what the fall of civilization looks like from the inside. This is societal decay in the last stages of rot. I remember thinking in the 80’s: What is it like to live in the USSR? You know they HAVE to know that nothing they read is true. They must sense that the reality they are living is in no way matching the lies politicians are feeding them every day. People who speak out are silenced or discredited. How soul eating is it to live in that machine?

Well? Now we know.

Emphasis mine. Spot on Madam. Spot. On.

Thanks to Pat at So It Goes in Shreveport who led me to Bride of Rove with this praise:

She could write out directions to build a computer (and probably has) and I’d read it with rapt attention.  She’s gifted.

I saw her site the other day (yesterday?) up at The Other McCain as the featured blog. Sorry to say I passed up an opportunty. Sometimes God just keeps puttin the carrot in front of you so you have no choice but to follow.

Happy Friday to you all. I hope this weekend turns out to be a joyous time with friends and family gathered around a smoking bar-b-que or some such festive event filled with smiling faces and not too much drama. Just don’t forget why we have the freedoms to celebrate this weekend. In doing so we honor our fallen servants to freedom and the protectors of our sovereignty and  liberty. Don’t forget to thank a soldier or a veteran.

The past couple of weeks saw a couple of blog anniversaries…

Obi’s Sister turned four. Is it polite to tell the age of a ladies blog?

Chris at Wyblog celebrated his third year blogging. Congratulations my friends.

I know there were others but I can’t remember who. If your brain cells are in better shape than my frazzled gray matter, please, hook a brother up.

Red has an update on the support of Spc. Joshua Tomlinson’s family at Corndog.

No Sheeples Here has begun a five part tribute to fallen soldiers. Bring a handkerchief.

Conservative Hideout did an expose’ on the DISCLOSE act that should scare the blog out of you.

Bob of the Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints had a very nice piece on the Marines.

A Conservative Shemale passed a milestone. Wait. That sounds painful. Hope you’re feeling better.

Chris Muir at Day by Day has a unique suggestion on stopping the leaking gulf oil well.

Doug Ross breaks down illegal immigration by the numbers

Villainous Company is a bit perplexed at Obummer’s choice of argumentation. Perhaps that is why he chose to forgo the Memorial Day observation.

The Troglopundit makes an interesting point concerning some hot Asian protesters.

The Other McCain has decided that there is a Rule 6! Who knew? And here I am still trying to get a handle on Rule 2 and Rule 5.

Pamella Geller of Atlas Shrugs is righteously fuming that the protest against the Mosque at ground zero had it’s permit canceled.

The Daley Gator posted a frog video, as did the entire blogosphere but me. Hey, I was busy.

The Classic Liberal has some thoughts on how we fund those beloved social programs.

Russ, over at That’s Right has a great picture of Marco Rubio and Congressional candidate Anna Little (with a prediction?) Go get ’em Jersey girl!

Teresamerica has a piece on Sarah Palin’s stalker, who’s email address is given out by Mark Levin!

Ruby Slippers wonders about the Sestak allegations.

Amusing Bunni has some rather good videos for you.

Pundit and Pundette have more on the sleestak issue.

Reaganite Republican points to the impotence from the regime regarding Iran.

MAinfo wonders why Obummer and Calderone are all wee-wee’d up.

Jamie Jeffords has the hots for a Physicist and Mechanical Engineer. Is that possible? Oh yes.

Washington Rebel celebrates Day o’ the Duke…

And lastly, American Power wrote the piece I wanted to on the oil leak in the gulf, asking the pertinent question, “Why are we drilling in 5000 feet of water in the first place?!” The answer is obvious to all but the ignorant.

LATE ADDITIONS: Oversights on the part of yours truly were unintentional I assure you.

Liberal Guy brings the lol funny – Nude Beach Yoga.

Motor City Times notes that Obummer has decided to stop ALL drilling, wonders “How exactly is this going to help?”

And someone let the Left Coast Rebel in the back door of Proof Positive to post one of Carol’s videos. ~ How’s that for Triple Points Play?

A Nation of Cowards has a video of the flood damage in Tennessee you didn’t see. It’s featured top, right on the page.

Gots ta go. Be back later. I promise.

Right up front, I must apologize. Using the term Baptist in the same sentence, or even the same article with a “man” like Fred Phelps is to disrespect Baptists everywhere. I was raised Baptist and the vile hatred these people spew is beyond contempt.

As an example, let me point you to the latest atrocious demonstration they are planning in Louisiana this Saturday at the funeral of a fallen American soldier. The motorcade and funeral of a hero and defender of freedom will be picketed as he is lain to rest by the very clueless people he died defending.

That’s some fine gratitude there Fred. I hope you choke on it.

I first heard of this from a certain corndog loving blogger and soon found that others such as Pat at So it Goes in Shreveport, and Bob at The Camp of the Saints had joined the cacophonous outrage that surrounds the stupidity.

But wait, there’s more! According to the appropriately named Lipton T. Bagg, at the newly bloggrolled website Viewed From The Right:

Beside protesting at the funerals of SPC Joshua Tomlinson in Minden, LA. (PGR is on this one, I understand) and Ronnie James Dio in Los Angeles, Westboro will also be doing multiple protests at Arlington National Cemetery, Ft. Leavenworth National Cemetery in KS., Boston and Lexington, MA. and in Portland, OR.

This is a travesty beyond comprehension.  To think they were educated within our own borders speaks volumes to the underlying problem these maroons represent. How can these people be Americans? They surely haven’t been properly educated as to what has made our country great. At least what it was before the progressives gained a foothold in government.

I understand moral and political outrage. Most times I think there should be more of it, and I don’t disagree with their right to protest, I just wish they would find another, more appropriate way to vent their anger. This soldier was the instrument of policy, not the maker of it. Take your protest to Washington, not the funerals of brave defenders of the very freedoms you enjoy. For that, you are awarded the title “douche-bag”.

Knowing the members of this hate-cult will never take the advice offered here, to the people who would stand by our soldiers, I will pass on a suggestion or two from the comments at Pat’s blog:

Janet said… At one of the other funerals where the WBC picketed, some students counter protested by holding up white sheets to shield the family from the picketers. What an awesome, peaceful way to take the wind out of their sails. It would be amazing to see that become a trend…

Also, stolen from Pat’s comment section, is this excellent counter measure from First Baptist Minden:

First Baptist Minden said… In response to the Westboro protest group, First Baptist Church Minden is providing a way for you to positively and to peacefully express your support. So for every minute that the protestors are on site, we are asking you to pledge a per minute monetary amount. ALL the proceeds will be given directly to the widow of a TRUE HERO, SPC. JOSHUA TOMLINSON. So the longer they choose to stay and protest, the more it will benefit SPC. JOSHUA TOMLINSON’S family.

If you would like to help, you can print and fill out this card and bring it by the church office, email it to or mail it to the church office at:

FBC Minden
301 Pennsylvania Ave.
Minden, LA 71055

Or you can call the Church Office at: 318-377-4434!/photo.php?pid=178886&id=299800060

I tried the FB page link. It appears to be down. The First Baptist Minden link should be working however.

Read more on this at My Bossier and an invitation  here, and at Andy’s Place, both also added to the blogroll.

God Bless America and the men and women who defend her.

UPDATE: Looks like the Westboro folks were a no-show. Good. Lipton T. Bagg has video of the patriots who lined the streets to honor this man and his service. Warms my heart to see Americans standing on principle.

Another one of my Austin favorites, Doyle Bramhall II whose father wrote songs for Stevie Ray Vaughan among others in the local and national music scene. I imagine it was only natural for Doyle II to become the accomplished player his is today.
I was one of the lucky few thousand to see the Arc Angels farewell show in Houston on New Years eve some untold years ago. Needless to say, the show was chock full of awesome.
First up, Green Light Girl.

Next, an Arc Angels tune, Too Many Ways to Fall. See if you recognize the other players in this monster group.

Cass Sunstein, Elena Kagan, The DCCC, El Presidente Obamalama ding-dong and former President Clinton are worried about your informational intake, your knowledge consumption.

Why wouldn’t they be?

Much like the food or drugs they regulate or the job you are chosen for, or the housing you receive, it must be categorized, approved, diverse but standardized, financed, subsidized and inspired by the government, but that’s quadruply redundant isn’t it, comrade?

I read today of yet another veiled attack on freedom of speech by the very informed Bill Clinton. Addressing a Yale graduating class he reportedly

…told Yale seniors on Sunday to listen to people with whom they disagree.

Some of us are, sir, and we don’t like what we’re hearing.

He also thoughtfully warned of some bizarre consequences resulting from info-overload:

…while the country is less sexist, racist and homophobic than it once was, people today only want to be around those who agree with them.

“In our media habits, we go to the television sites, we go to the radio talk shows, we go to the blog sites that agree with us, and it can have very bizarre consequences” he said, citing the controversy over the origin of President Obama’s birth certificate.


Don’t they sell stuff at bazaars?

I’m not buying. As a matter of fact I’m here to return something defective. (Can you say Health Care Reform?) What is bizarre, and telling, is the former President’s lack of understanding as to likely causation of bizarre behavior.

…as information becomes more available, so does the potential for its misuse.

He noted that Faisal Shahzad, the man accused of attempting to bomb Times Square, received a college degree in the United States before flying back to Pakistan to train as a terrorist.

Wait. Did I just agree with Clinton on something? Did he just blame an immigrant for taking advantage of our county only to use that privilege against us? Did he even name a country as the source of the hatred?

He did. But he got back on point soon enough. The cause is not an ideology of hate against America. or Christians, it’s the information itself!

“It shows you that when you tear down all the walls, and you can break through all the barriers of information, that the same things that empower you to get access to more information more quickly than ever before could empower you to build bombs,” he said. “It’s an unstable world.”

We do agree Mr. Clinton. It is an unstable world. We disagree however on what it will take to make it a better place. I and many like me would rather the free flow of political thought not be challenged or obstructed with demagoguery and political projection.

I hold as a tenet that it is the free exchange of religious and political ideas and concepts that have the most promise in our daily discourse and for anyone to suggest censoring or forced diversity and dissemination of ideas runs contrary to the fabric of our nation. But then again, socialism will not be accepted willingly by a free thinking, outspoken people.

Been meaning to post this video. As appropriate as it is…

Yea, I made it up. There is no Daisy Fuentes Pictures Day. But there aught to be.


Since Doug over at The Dailey Gator is having so much fun teasing us with his Top Twenty-five Babes of All Time posts, and since I need a little Rule 5 action this week, I thought I’d offer a suggestion: Daisy Fuentes! Of course Salma Hayek would be another suggestion, but I would wager, she’s on his list already so I’m taking a guess with Daisy. You gotta admit, she’s smokin’ hot. Oh and BTW, most of these get waaaaay bigger if you click ’em. You’re welcome.

Continue reading “Daisy Fuentes Pictures Day” »

Wow. Apparently, there is at least one conservative in California. Who new?

Bravo Congressman. Bravo. Thank you for saying what our President should have.
H/T Kurt.

The Muslim faith is a troublesome one. So much of the righteous outrage, alarm and hyperbole that surrounds it is self inflicted. Just like this meaningless tripe over their “prophet” not wanting to be depicted in any way. Why would he do that? Were the artists of his time really all that bad? Probably not as bad as a semi-silver robot.

Oh well.

I did a quick search and found that Wackopedia has a couple of renderings of Mohammed. Some of them going back in time quite a ways. Did the Muslims of earlier times kill all of the artists and forget to burn the art?

Today, either by some mysterious muse, or maybe it was divine inspiration, I was led to The Other Club where I found a spot-on take of the whole mess. I highly recommend the read.

The Other Club was also instrumental in these two finds: The Mohammed Image Archive and the Jesus and Mo online comic strip.

I’m not going to spend too much time on this, except to point out that this is America, and in America, I will draw whomever I damn well please, whenever or however it pleases me to draw him, it, she or whatever. If you want to be offended about it get the flock out of my country.

Oh and Comedy Central is off of my remote’s favorites list for good. Too bad to, because I like some of their shows.

Now for the Draw Mohammed Day 2010 robot entry. I got to use my new toy as well. The Wacom Intuos2 6×8 Graphics Tablet (USB).
As you can see, it’s going to take some getting used to, but like I said before, I didn’t want to waste a bunch of time drawing a prophet, unless of course it would make me a profit.

I’ll throw links to anyone who posts a drawing of Mohammed. Send me an email at robot at mindumbedrobot dot com. If you don’t have a website, include the graphic and I’ll post it. If you don’t SAY you want credit, then I’ll post without.

Stogie over at Saberpoint has been all over this from the start. He recently got an email from a Muslim who was none to pleased with him and proceeded to take the words right out of my mouth in his reply. You can read that exchange here.

And one more thing, shut up with the whining and grow a skin. The USA does not abide Islamic law.

UPDATE: Linked by The Classic Liberal,  The Troglopundit, who recognizes greatness when he sees it, and Grizzly Mama, who has a nice round up. There are more links to be found at Atlas Shrugs and Anthroblogology.

Also, Anthroblogology and Grizzly Mama can thank Mohammed or at least the person who started the EDMD meme, because they’ve been added to the Robot’s blogroll.

UPDATE II: After some careful consideration, Wyblog joins the fun with a roundup of sites joining in the solidarity. And my apologies to Sean at Tilting Suds for not linking to his Mohammed collage earlier.

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